The Original Growler


Original Growler – Gunnison, CO, 64miles, 8000ft climbing Date of Next Event: May,26 & 27 2012 Registration Info: Online registration at race website (registration currently not available).  The field will be limited to 350. Awards: Finishers Award Race Website: Event Description: The Growler is a mass start with the initial miles on wider trails before […] Read more »

Steamboat Stinger

Steamboat Stinger – Steamboat Springs, CO, 50miles, 7600ft climbing Date of Next Event: 2013 (date not yet finalized) Registration Info: Online registration at (registration currently not available) Awards: Tons of delicious Honey Stinger up for grabs along with various other prizes and items. Awards go 5 deep in each solo category and 3 deep […] Read more »

Mission Accomplished

The Buckle

Three Thousand – How long is 3,000 miles?  Let’s put this in perspective. It’s ~2,949 miles from Mexico City to Lima, Peru.  It’s ~2,985 miles from Beijing to Kabul, Afghanistan.  It’s ~2,990 miles from Virginia Beach, VA to San Jose, CA.  It’s ~3,460 miles from New York City to London.  3,000 miles = 4,828.032 kilometers.  3,000 miles is […] Read more »

Heil Valley Ranch


Perfect day for a ride.  Nice breeze with a temperature in the mid 60’s.  I decided to go to Heil Valley Ranch which is part of the North Foothills Open Space Area in Boulder County.  This area contains an abundance of wildlife including bobcats, black bears and mountain lions.  I didn’t see any of these, […] Read more »

Suffer Face

These guys were suffering

I know I certainly have had many moments of pain and suffering during riding a bike.  For me the latest occurred during the infamous Powerline climb that occurs around mile 83 of the Leadville 100 MTB Race.  The first two false summits had to be walked due to steepness, slickness, fatigue and train of other […] Read more »

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Since the last post I’ve refined the Cycle the Earth vision (see the about page), added a Facebook Fan Page Like button (hint, hint) and started playing around with Flickr plugins.  Launching a new website seems like and is turning out to be a daunting task.  I’ve learned that WordPress can do almost anything and […] Read more »

It’s Alive!

Cycle the Earth is officially on the web!  My Twitter and Facebook accounts have been setup now for a couple of weeks.  Obviously we secured our Domain Name(s) and Hosting, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing this.  It took me a good part of a day to setup what you see.  I’m definitely a website beginner. […] Read more »