The Cycling Robot

This image is from Portland’s local rock poster artist Emek. It come’s from his gig poster for indie band Built to Spill. Abandoned at birth, Emek has lived a difficult, often tragic life. After being forced to work for years as a child-laborer in a plutonium mine, he won a rare mining scholarship to attend art school. Little did he know, his troubles were only just beginning. In art school, he fell in with a rough and dangerous crowd. Upon graduating most of them pursued lives of crime as freelance graphic artists, and were never heard from again. For Emek, the only hope of escaping the fate that befell his doomed peers — advertising — was to become a rock ‘n’ roll artist.

Emek now lives in many worlds. His art shows it. Born a decade after the ’60s, he was nevertheless influenced by ’60s culture and counter-culture. Emek was raised in an environment that supported his crazy artistic aspirations as both his parents were artists, too. He grew up listening to their music, their ideals, and their divorce. Yet, he is also a product of his own “Who, Me?” generation.

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