Evolution of a Community

Everyday a little more is learned and the Cycle the Earth community slowly evolves. I still need to migrate the site from the default WordPress theme. I also need to learn a little bit more about SEO. A couple of books from Amazon are now on the way to assist including the WordPress Bible. As you may have noticed I’ve been also been experimenting with RSS feeds. What’s the saying….”if you can’t beat em join em”? That’s probably going to be the long term approach with aggregating cycling related news to the site. I’m also still debating on whether or not to implement membership. In someways that might be a deterrent. Not sure a lot of people want to manage another Facebook like account. There needs to be a way to implement automatic membership. I want to keep the user experience simple. Another cool development is the WordPress app that I’ve just downloaded to my iPhone. I must admit I’m typing this while relaxing in front of the TV. As always feedback is welcomed. Please tell me what you like or don’t about this site. As far as the evolutionary aspect; I’m sure this site is still a single-cell organism equivalent. Until next time.

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