Rome wasn’t built in a day

Since the last post I’ve refined the Cycle the Earth vision (see the about page), added a Facebook Fan Page Like button (hint, hint) and started playing around with Flickr plugins.  Launching a new website seems like and is turning out to be a daunting task.  I’ve learned that WordPress can do almost anything and everything.  It so happens that a lot of well known internet sites are powered by WordPress (eBay, Yahoo, Digg, Ford, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Sony, … , the list goes on).  There is a lot of trial and error involved in building a site.  Aside from posting some content (this counts as content right?) I want to add a “Contact Me” and a “Blog Roll” page.  The intent is to start sharing my favorite cycling blogs; maybe I’ll add a featured blog a day.  As my site grows hopefully others will add Cycle the Earth to their blog rolls.  After all I’m trying to build a virtual cycling community.  Social cycling network has a better ring to it, however, I want Cycle the Earth to be more than the social aspect.  I also want to add a Contact Me page so that Cycle the Earth can host guest bloggers (If you’re interested in sharing a blog send it over for review).  After I implement these changes I will be looking to upgrade the site to a new theme.  There are literally thousands to choose from.  I’m fearful of picking one and investing a lot of time into it to only figure out that I want to change it and start from scratch.  Hopefully, starting from scratch won’t be the case.  I hope to build “community-like” aspects into the new theme.  Until then, I’m relying on Twitter and Facebook to build my community.  If anybody has suggestions I’m definitely open to them.  I wonder how many cycling enthusiasts in the world we can connect?   Oh and my Leadville 100 MTB race report will be forthcoming.  Thanks

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