Final Departure Thoughts for the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour Racers

World Cycle Racing Grand Tour

As the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour approaches, I wonder what is going on in the minds of the racers.  As final preparations for the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour are made I will leave the racers with a couple of thoughts: A quote from Ken Chlouber, Leadville 100 race founder, “You are better than […] Read more »

Who will win the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour?

A World Record is the potential prize to go along with the prestige of finishing and winning.  Cast your vote for the racer you think will win the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour. [poll id=”5″] _____________________________________________________ There is honor in finishing! Who will be the last man over the line? Dropping out doesn’t count.  The […] Read more »

Race of a Lifetime

World Cycle Racing Grand Tour

18th Day of the 2nd Month in the 2012th Year AD, 11 Riders, 18,000 Miles, 2 Antipodal Points, 1 World Record, 6  go West, 5 go East!  Race of a Lifetime! Heading West Paul Ashley -Unett (Peel, Isle of Man) – “Looking forward to the search for somewhere to camp every night” Jason Woodhouse (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, […] Read more »

A new record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Globe by Bicycle?

Alan Bate

The last couple of days brought news of the supposed ratification of Alan Bate’s circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle.  After scouring the internet for news of this newly ratified record I was only able to find conflicting information and a lot of skepticism.  According to one site the new ratified record is as follows: The […] Read more »

Just a Normal Joe?

Martin and Daughter

I had the opportunity to ask some questions of another racer, Martin Walker, participating in the upcoming World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour.  Martin is 38 years old and living in London.  On February, 18th he will be setting off to cycle 18,000 miles (28,800km) around the earth.  Martin claims he’s just a normal Joe. […] Read more »

Interview with a Global Racer

Stuart Lansdale

With the World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour (no longer affiliated with the Global Bicycle Race…more to come) just a mere two months away we had the opportunity to interview Stuart Lansdale one of the riders ambitious enough to tackle one of the longest and toughest organized races ever conceived. Stuart, an anthropology student, studying in […] Read more »