Mind Over Matter

If you don’t mind it won’t matter! That is stitched into my fabric courtesy of the United States Marine Corp. Marines are trained to deal with situations where their body has told them “stop” as the pain is too great only to have their brain say, keep going. Their body will do what the brain says, the tough part is having the brain tell it to continue. We were trained that pain is weakness leaving the body. In the Marine Corp everywhere we went we ran (maybe that’s why I shifted from running to the bike). We ran in formation and to cadence. This was mostly done to train our minds to fight through the pain. This directly translates to the bike. When you are in the middle of a long climb you deal with it. If you connect pain with a negative emotion, you’ll feel more pain. When you hit that low on a long ride you deal with it. You know the pain will pass. It is typically temporary. Remind yourself that each pedal stroke is one closer to the finish. As you are mentally preparing for a tough event remember your strengths and all those challenging workouts you’ve done. Athletes who believe they can endure a tough event will perform better than those who doubt their ability to withstand the pain. It truly is mind over matter and if you don’t mind it won’t matter. Listen to the cadence of US Women Marines below. Motivating!

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