World Cycle Racing

The longest, toughest, most adventurous bike race begins on February 18th, 2012. The 18,000 mile World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour starts and finishes in London. Cycle the Earth plans on following this epic race around our earth. The race formally being organized by Vin Cox as the The Global Bicycle Race is now being organized by a coalition of riders under the banner of the World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour (Facebook Site).  Departing from Greenwich Park, riders are given just 154 days to race around the clock and around the world and finish back there before the London Olympics are due to commence on the 27th of July.  I believe that Vin is still organizing his race, however, from what I’ve heard only two riders are participating.  Vin needs to join forces with the other riders to maximize the potential of this race.  Across both races there are 13 known participants to include one woman.  The winner may claim the distinct honor of a Guinness World Record for the “Fasted Circumnavigation of the Globe by Bicycle”.  On September 23, 2011, Bruce Gordon, rode into the Guinness Book of records by circumnavigating the earth by bicycle in 153 days breaking previous records set by Vin Cox (163 days), Mark Beaumont (195 days), James Bowthorpe (176 days) and Julian Emre Sayarer (169 days). What exactly constitutes a true global circumnavigation according to Guinness. Guinness World Records, which is an independent arbiter of all records, requires that a human-powered around-the-world surface journey must:

  • start and finish at the same location
  • cross the equator at two points
  • cross all lines of longitude
  • resume each leg of the journey from the exact point at which the last one ended
  • cover a minimum distance equal to that of the Tropic of Capricorn
  • proceed in one direction, east or west, any distance doubled back must be deducted from the total
  • You must also reach a pair of antipodes ( these are places on earth that are located diametrically opposite of each other)

We will have a map tracking the progress of the race on our site along with Twitter Feed and Blog Post updates from the racers.