A new record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Globe by Bicycle?

The last couple of days brought news of the supposed ratification of Alan Bate’s circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle.  After scouring the internet for news of this newly ratified record I was only able to find conflicting information and a lot of skepticism.  According to one site the new ratified record is as follows: The fastest circumnavigation by bicycle is 96 days, 10 hours and 33 minutes, and was achieved by Alan Bate (UK) who cycled a distance of 29,467.91 km (18,310.47 mi) and travelled over 42,608.76 km (26,475.8 mi) in total (including transfers). The journey started and finished at the Grand Palace in Bankok, Thailand, from 31 March to 4 August 2010.  Upon checking the Guinness World Records web site they still have Vin Cox listed as the record holder.  So I decided to send a tweet to Guinness World Records inquiring about the ratification of a new record by Alan Bate.  The response that I received confused matters even more.  They claimed to have approved the record back in 2010 at which point I asked them why their web site was out of date.  They said they would correct and thanked me for letting them know.  In any case, if any of the racers of the upcoming Global Cycle Racing – Grand Tour have any aspirations of a World Record they need to plan on completing in less than 96 days.  The Guinness World Records should also disntinguish between “supported” vs. “unsupported”.  Not to take anything from Alan’s accomplishment;  he completed his journey with a support crew.  I wonder if all of his gear along with his photographer is in the automobile he is drafting.  In all seriousness, I wonder how much time should be added by carrying an extra 50lbs of gear.  Let’s assume that is a 25% increase of weight.  Would that mean that it would’ve taken Alan 25% longer (120 days)?  Nevertheless this latest news has definitely sent some of the racers of the upcoming Global Cycle Racing Event into a frenzy of adjusting plans.  I could make the argument that the racers surely knew of Alan’s attempt since it occurred in 2010 and should’ve been planning to best his time so as to leave no doubt.  I know of at least one racer, Martin Walker, who is planning on an 80 day attempt.  That would certainly claim the record.  We shall see if a new record holder will emerge in several months.

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  1. I see you got info from my website, which I took from the GWR site… AFTER LOGGING IN – I too am registered to make an attempt at the record, and when I log into my page on the GWR site it gives me the info that Alan Bate has the new record at 96 days

    anyway I see that they have now updated the public facing page here

    • Scott says:

      I’m glad they updated the public facing page. Good luck on your attempt! I guess the bar has officially been raised.

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