Final Departure Thoughts for the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour Racers

As the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour approaches, I wonder what is going on in the minds of the racers.  As final preparations for the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour are made I will leave the racers with a couple of thoughts:

A quote from Ken Chlouber, Leadville 100 race founder, “You are better than you think you are, you can do more than you think you can!”

This race will definitely make you hurt and it will probably hurt bad at times! Just remember that this hurt will only last for a short time. If you quit, that hurt doesn’t go away, you live with that for life! – – This is a derivation of a quote I heard from Ken.

When the race is over and you go back to your regular life, people will surely ask how you did? You can easily say I finished with a smile on your face or you can spend the next 30 minutes on a cry baby, well rehearsed, excuse as to why you didn’t make it. — Another derivation of a quote from Ken.

You are racing among the likes of Lion-O, the Lord of the ThunderCats! If you hear “Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Hooo!” during the race, just know that, the Eye of Thundra is about to open and the Thundercat sign will soon be seen by all the Thundercats calling them to his aid. Everybody else may not have the power of the ThunderCats on your side, but, you have the power of determination that will fuel your way to the finish.

Kyle's angry bike face!

If you see the Scot quit, then you can quit!  Unless he’s sporting his kilt!  Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye.

“I work as a Police Officer in Cambridgeshire, protecting and investigating serious crime committed against vulnerable persons.”  I hope nobody tries to rob Stephen Phillips in the middle of the night!  That’s one kick ass looking bike!

Martin will definitely be an inspiration to his daughter showing her that anything is possible.  In addition to your charities, friends and families there are many more that all of you are inspiring as a result of this epic race!

Sorry Simon that you are currently the leading vote getter for the first to breakdown crying in the race in our predictions post.  Simon is the only Irish racer competing! Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you. Is it true that the Irish ignore anything that they can’t drink or punch?

Also remember, if you don’t mind it won’t matter! This was stitched into my fabric courtesy of the United States Marine Corp. Marines are trained to deal with situations where their body has told them “stop” as the pain is too great only to have their brain say, keep going. Their body will do what the brain says, the tough part is having the brain tell it to continue. We were trained that pain is weakness leaving the body.  This will surely be one of the toughest adventures you’ve set off on.  It will be full of suffering and pain.  But that doesn’t matter because as cyclists we like pain and suffering.

I hope these final thoughts help you all have a safe and successful journey.  Good luck to all (Kyle….that’s guid luck)!

For all you spectators this epic race begins on February 18th, 2012.  Track it here or at the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour official site.  In the meantime make your predictions!

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