Race of a Lifetime

18th Day of the 2nd Month in the 2012th Year AD, 11 Riders, 18,000 Miles, 2 Antipodal Points, 1 World Record, 6  go West, 5 go East!  Race of a Lifetime!

Heading West

  • Paul Ashley -Unett (Peel, Isle of Man) – “Looking forward to the search for somewhere to camp every night”
  • Jason Woodhouse (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK) – “Least looking forward to the cold nights and snow in France in February”
  • Sean Conway (Umfolozi, South Africa) – “Least looking forward to losing more than my beer belly”
  • Stephen Phillips (Cambridgeshire, England) – Will be riding a steel frame!
  • Richard Dunnett (Occold, England) – Will be carrying his iPhone4!
  • Matt Phillips (Southampton) – Has a dream of cycling around the world!

Heading East

  • Kyle Hewitt (Aberdeen, Scotland) – Might be cycling in a kilt!?!?
  • Simon Hutchinson (Bailieborough, Ireland) – Will try avoiding going mad!
  • Mike Hall (Harrogate, England) – Doesn’t like big smokey trucks!
  • Stuart Lansdale (Dorchester) – “Looking forward to crossing deserts”
  • Martin Walker (London, England) – Racing to show his daughter anything is possible!

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