Who will win the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour?

A World Record is the potential prize to go along with the prestige of finishing and winning.  Cast your vote for the racer you think will win the World Cycle Racing Grand Tour.
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There is honor in finishing! Who will be the last man over the line? Dropping out doesn’t count.  The race may be painful, however, the pain of quiting will last a lifetime.
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Will the biggest day equal victory? We shall see!
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 Who better have a box of tissues packed? Better yet who will be man enough to admit it during the race?  My guess is that at least 50% of the riders will experience this in the race.

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  1. Kyle Hewitt says:

    Think a few Scots voted last night … Thanks for the support but i know who my vote went to, Can’t wait to get on the road and meet the rest of the guys face to face (Bicycle Brothers) you can’t pick your family ha-ha (if you could I would pick a slower bunch)

    Join us on 10 journeys around the world http://www.worldcycleracing.com

  2. Peter Seaman says:

    Here is another competition: Will a west-going rider pass an east-going rider on the same road?

    And another: Will any rider be overtaken by another rider on the same road?

    In both cases, who, where and what will they say to one another?


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