Parachuting Devil Dogs with Bikes

Fact or Fiction?: The United States Marines Parachuted from the skies in WWII with compact bikes.

Fiction: In the United States, Columbia produced a bike around 1942 called the Compax. Intended for military use by paratroopers, the folding Compax models were tested by the United States Marine Corps but saw no action in Europe during World War II. Although there has been a lot of speculation of the possible use of Compax bicycles during the war, there are no pictures or records showing that US forces did actually use them.

This is the Compax bike produced by Columbia. It was sometimes referred to as a folding bike. However, it didn’t actually fold, rather the frame disassembled into two parts.

Tommy gun wielding Marine with his Compax bike. This picture made for good propaganda as can be scene from the advertisement above.

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