Mountain Biker Seeking New Mountain Bike

Looking to provide a good home to a new bike. You must like to go on long rides! We will play hard and race hard. I have at least 7 races planned for you in 2012 (VooDoo Fire, Bailey Hundo, Gunnison Growler, Silver Rush 50, Leadville 100, Alpine Odyssey, 24 Hours of Moab and potentially more). I like to climb and ride single track. You will commute with me to work and we will go on long weekend rides together. You must be light and fast. You must be able to easily navigate obstacles we encounter on our adventures. Beauty is only skin deep so there is no need for you to be flashy. It’s what you are made of that counts. I promise to provide a good home and to take good care of you. We will probably ride over 5000 miles a year. We will travel to lots of places from the neighborhood park to the 401 Trail in Crested Butte to the Monarch Crest Trail to Moab to Fruita and back again. We will go on many adventures. We will document our times together. I look forward to finding you!

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