The Original Growler

Original Growler – Gunnison, CO, 64miles, 8000ft climbing

Date of Next Event: May,26 & 27 2012

Registration Info: Online registration at race website (registration currently not available).  The field will be limited to 350.

Awards: Finishers Award

Race Website:

Event Description: The Growler is a mass start with the initial miles on wider trails before it hits singletrack.  The Growler naturally sorts riders into waves according to fitness.  The race consists of two 32-mile loops. Half-Growler riders do one loop, and full-Growler riders two. Half-Growlers are marked to separate them from the 64-mile racers. The Gunnison area is graced with rounded granite rock formations, and the course, with about 4,000 feet of cumulative altitude gain per lap, takes advantage of the area’s wealth of very busy, technical, really fun challenging singletrack.  The course rotates direction every year.

Course Description: The Original Growler is only for experienced mountain bikers that possess the skills and judgment necessary to assess difficult and challenging trails and roads and negotiate them in a safe manner. NO BEGINNERS, PLEASE!  For comparison, the general character and difficulty of the trails and roads in the Original Growler is similar to those of the BLM Mack Ridge Trail System near Fruita, CO: Mary’s Loop, Lion’s Loop, Horsethief Loop, Steve’s Loop, etc.  The Original Growler race course contains difficult, technically demanding, and of course, potentially dangerous, singletrack trails, double-tracks and roads.  Additionally, all roads and trails used in the Original Growler are also open to the public and participants don’t have special preference out on the trail. Cattle may be encountered while racing in the Growler. The Original Growler course is an isolated, backcountry route that includes numerous sections located in steep and rugged terrain where participants may be hours from medical attention and/or evacuation in the event of a serious mishap.

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