Trans Andes Challenge

Trans Andes Challenge – Chilean Patagonia, 260 miles, 34,000 ft climbing

Date of Next Event: January 21st to 26th, 2013

Registration Info: Online registration at race website is available from April 15th.  The field will be limited to 250.

Awards: Finishers Award

Trans Andes Challenge Race Website

Event Description: The Trans Andes Challenge is an extreme mountain bike race through the rugged Andes Mountains in the Chilean Patagonia.  Juan Pablo Santiago, an experienced mountain bike racer in the world cup, started this race in 2009.  This race takes riders through 6 stages of beautiful scenery circulating in the vicinity of 6 volcanoes and more than 10 lakes.  Riders will navigate almost untouched trails in the wonderful Chilean Patagonia.  The race is open to 12 categories for team and single riders.  The Trans Andes Challenge is organized as a wilderness mountain bike race where participants sleep in tent villages that are setup prior to arrival. Rebecca Rusch on her 2010 race experience; “I would recommend this race, but would caution anyone interested to come with the intention of being self sufficient with bike maintenance, camping comforts, route finding and bring plenty of travel and race experience. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world and getting to see it on your bike is the best way to travel.”

Highlight Video of 2012 Trans Andes Challenge

Trans Andes Challenge – Más que una carrera from VIA DE ESCAPE on Vimeo.

Trans Andes Challenge (The Film)

Stage 5 from 2011

Race Reports


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