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Location: Salida, Colorado

Date of Next Event: September 8th, 2012

Registration Info: Online registration at race website

Race Website: Vapor Trail 125

Event Description:

The Vapor Trail 125 is a high altitude ultra-endurance Mountain Bike Event on some of the best single track in the country.

It starts at 10 PM on a bridge over the Arkansas River at 7,000 feet elevation. Participants ride through the night, and most of them through the entire next day never dropping back below 9,000 feet until the last 8 miles. The course draws a large circle through some of the highest mountains in North America. There are multiple high points near or above 12,000 feet. There are six long sustained climbs that each can take 2 hours or more to complete.

It can rain, it can snow, it can be windy and/or cold. The night is always cold in the high country, temps below freezing can be expected for 6 hours or more. There is roughly 20,000 of cumulative climbing.

There are 4 aid stations, and there are some people out on the course during the event, but people who get involved in this event need to know how to take care of themselves. On many parts of the course a rider can be 10 or more rugged miles from any kind of help. That rider needs to have the clothes needed, skills and tools for fixing a bike, water and nourishment, and good judgement. The people who participate in this event have to have done this sort of thing before and proven that they know what to do and what to have in order to take care of themselves. For this reason we require each rider to submit a ride resume prior to being allowed to register.

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Courtesy of Mountain Bike Radio, listen to Tim Ek as he discusses his latest adventure, the Vapor Trail 125. He tells his story of what it’s like for someone coming from near sea level in Duluth, Minnesota to the high alpine terrain of the Central Rocky mountains to begin a 125-mile, 20,000-feet-of-climbing race at 10pm and finish a dirty, beaten, and triumphant soul.

Listen in to Tim’s hour long tale here:

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