Just a Normal Joe?

Martin and Daughter

I had the opportunity to ask some questions of another racer, Martin Walker, participating in the upcoming World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour.  Martin is 38 years old and living in London.  On February, 18th he will be setting off to cycle 18,000 miles (28,800km) around the earth.  Martin claims he’s just a normal Joe. […] Read more »

Epic Cycling Adventure to the South Pole


An expedition of epic proportions is attempting to be the first to use a bike to reach the South Pole. It will mean tackling some of the most extreme conditions on the planet to include snowdrifts, blizzards, rutted ice, altitude sickness, frostbite and snow blindness. Helen Skelton, an English television presenter, working on the BBC […] Read more »

The Cycling Robot

The Cycling Robot

This image is from Portland’s local rock poster artist Emek. It come’s from his gig poster for indie band Built to Spill. Abandoned at birth, Emek has lived a difficult, often tragic life. After being forced to work for years as a child-laborer in a plutonium mine, he won a rare mining scholarship to attend […] Read more »

Infinite Bike

Infinite Bike

You may have just cycled into the Twilight Zone. Consider, for a second, a hypothetical bike rack with countably infinitely many slots for bikes, all of which are occupied – that is to say every slot has a bike. Is it possible that such a rack would fit on our planet. Let’s just say it […] Read more »

Elite Women of Cross Country MTB

Elite Women MTB Racers

Courtesy of CYCLEFILM watch the world’s best women Mountain Bike racers as filmed at the UCI MTB World Cup in Offenburg, Germany and Champery, Switzerland. This tribute video features Olympic Champion Sabine Spitz, World Champion Maja Wloszczowska, Norwegian Champion Lene Byberg as well as talented young Canadian Emily Batty and many more elite riders: Willow […] Read more »

Parachuting Devil Dogs with Bikes


Fact or Fiction?: The United States Marines Parachuted from the skies in WWII with compact bikes. Fiction: In the United States, Columbia produced a bike around 1942 called the Compax. Intended for military use by paratroopers, the folding Compax models were tested by the United States Marine Corps but saw no action in Europe during […] Read more »

VooDoo Fire


VooDoo Fire – Lake Pueblo State Park, Pueblo, CO, 66miles, 3,600ft climbing Date of Next Event: April 21st, 2012 Registration Info: Online Registration Race Website: VooDoo Fire,  Facebook: Rocky Mountain Endurance Series Description: Kick off the mountain bike racing season in Colorado at this exciting venue. You’ll be tempted to take your eyes off the trail […] Read more »

Raleigh The All-Steel Bicycle


The Raleigh bicycle’s history began over 100 years ago in 1887 when Frank Bowden purchased a small bike shop on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, England. A year later he founded the Raleigh Cycle Company. The advertisement below is from 1932. At the time Raleigh was close to producing 100,000 bicycles a year. See next vintage […] Read more »