Fat Bike Rafting the Arctic

In the last week of March 2012, Andrew Badenoch is heading north to the Arctic Ocean on foot, fat bike, and pack raft. The estimated duration of the expedition is 6-8 months, but may vary significantly due to ice, ocean, and ground conditions throughout. It will cover:

  • 7,000 Miles
  • 7 Rivers
  • Zero Fuel
  • 2 Oceans
  • 4 Mountain Ranges

You can help fund this cool project via Kickstarter. The project is essentially creating a film documenting the adventure.

What is Fat Biking?  Fatbikes are the latest in the evolution of mountain biking. Most mountain bikes have tires approximately 2 inches wide. Essentially what we have here is a mountain bike based around some enormous, “fat” tires, thus the moniker “fat bike”. The whole point of these bikes is about flotation and traction on surfaces otherwise unrideable by ordinary 26″ or 29″ wheeled bikes.  A small group of bicycle manufacturers has started building frames what will accommodate tires up to 4.5″ wide. While originally designed for racing in snow, the massive increase in width and tire flotation allow fatbikes to thrive in conditions that would turn most bikes into dead weight. If you’ve ever tried to take your mountain bike on a soft beach or off the beaten path, you’ve probably experienced the limitations to the promise of past mountain bikes.  FAT-BIKE.COM is a great resource for fans of Fatbikes.

Packrafts are whitewater capable single-person rafts that roll up and pack to about the size of a 2-person tent. They weigh in at only about 5 pounds. The combination of durability, compactness, and light-weight unlock massive adventure potential as a primary means of transport, and allowing the crossing of otherwise impassable bodies of water.  Alpacka packrafts are some of the best.

Checkout this cool video of Mike Curiak, Doom “Steve” Fassbinder, Eric Parsons, Dylan Kentch, and Roman Dial on a 225 mile coastal ride from Yakutat to Glacier Bay, Alaska along the Lost Coast in June 2011.

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